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LEAGUE RULES – Updated 4/20/18


We are a corporate adult coed softball league.  Our goal is to provide a league that is not only competitive but also promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie with professional men and women in/around Eagleview.   Players of all levels are welcome and we want all teams to enjoy playing the game.  It is important that the environment in which we play is safe and fun for all players, fans, family, and children.  Please help us keep our league enjoyable and leave the profanity, vulgarity, and unsportsmanlike conduct at home.

Any team that continually exhibits unsportsmanlike behavior will first be given a warning by the league and any subsequent unsportsmanlike behavior by that team will result in permanent removal from the league. Unsportsmanlike behavior includes but is not necessarily limited to: fighting, verbal abuse or dissent toward an official or opponent, racial or ethnic slurs, inappropriate comments or behavior that may be construed as sexual harassment, profanity, obscene gestures, flagrant and violent play, taunting, trash talk, baiting, cheating, throwing or abusing equipment, destruction of field or league property, physical intimidation or abuse of an official or opponent, unauthorized leaving of a team bench area, striking or physically abusing an official, opposing coach, or player, intentionally inciting participants or spectators to violent or abusive action and using profane or unduly provocative language or action toward officials, opponents or spectators.

If a player is permanently removed from the league they must petition the Board for reinstatement.   The captains are responsible to control his/her own team and that being said a captain of a team that has been removed from the league will not be reinstated.

Any player that throws a punch on or around the field or parking area will result in an indefinite suspension from the league.  Taunting, physical intimidation, profanity towards an opponent, league official or an umpire and destruction of property on field premises and adjoining areas (parking lots) will not be tolerated. Any of these acts will result in an immediate ejection of the offending player plus a one game suspension in league play. A second infraction will result in a one year suspension. A third infraction will result in permanent removal from the league. Infractions are NOT limited to one season.

Umpires have the right to throw a player or manager out of a game for consistent verbal abuse and/or physical confrontation. If a player(s) is ejected, the player(s) must leave the field and may not sit in the stands or anywhere on the property where game is held. The ejected player will serve at least a one-game suspension on the next scheduled game.


The Board will consist of 3 volunteers from organizations participating in the Eagleview Coed Softball League.  The Board will be responsible for team participation, eligibility, scheduling, umpires, bat submissions, and supplies.  The Board will also be responsible for any protest and unsportsmanlike conduct issues.

*All play will be governed by ASA rules, with the exceptions listed below. The rules listed below supersede the ASA rules when applicable.


  • The League Fee must be paid in full by start of season. Checks are to be made to the Eagleview Corporate Center Association.  After the start of the season, the league fee becomes non-refundable.
  • No team shall be required to play more than three games in one week. Teams might be required to play two or three games a week as rainouts and scheduling dictate.
  • The League will inform the captains of rainouts by 4:00 pm. This will be a set time because of the ASA umpires rule that provides them payment if they show up at the designated game and start time, even if no game is played, or the game is cancelled and rescheduled due to weather, or any other circumstance.  After 4:00pm, it will be at the umpire’s discretion.
  • For rainouts and other rescheduled games, a league official will contact the two affected captains to determine the rescheduling date.  Reschedules will attempt to be done within 2 weeks of postponement. 
  • Forfeits - Should a team cancel on the day of a scheduled game (unless emergency situation approved by the Board) they will not have the ability to reschedule and it will be declared a forfeit.  If a team forfeits more than two games in the regular season, they will automatically be disqualified from the playoffs



  • Bats MUST be our legal bat list to be used in league play. If you want a bat not on the Legal Bat list rated, please send an email to the Board members with the year, make, and model to be reviewed.  Only exception of this rule is for female batters (see rule #3).
  • ANY male player who steps into the batter’s box with an illegal bat will be ejected immediately.  If it is a team’s second offense, the player with be suspended for the season AND the Captains suspended for at least 1 game.
  • ASA approved softball bats are legal for women ONLY. Women ONLY will be able to use non-single wall bats as long as they are not altered.  These bats are to be marked with PINK tape on the handle so they can be easily identified.
  • Metal spikes are prohibited regardless of position played or field assignment.
  • A catcher will only be the only position eligible to use a catcher’s mitt.
  • A first baseman’s mitt will only be used at first base.
  • Game balls are provided by the league and are the only softballs to be used for legal play.


  • Captains are the only members of the team that are to have discussions with the umpires on questionable calls.  It is the Captains responsibility to keep control of their team members to avoid arguments with other players and umpires.
  • A “protest” may be filed to the Board if a captain determines that an umpire misinterprets a rule during a game. A captain cannot protest an umpire’s “judgment call.” An umpire’s decision on the field is final. The Board will hear any dispute regarding an umpire’s rule interpretation. All protests must be communicated immediately at the point of controversy to the umpire and to the opposing captain. The Board (unless a member is involved in the dispute) will than make a decision on the “protest” after gathering the facts from all involved parties. That decision will be considered final.
  • All teams must appoint at least two people as assistant captains, who will carry out all duties of the captain in his/her absence.
  • At any time, should a captain have an issue they feel compromises the integrity of the Eagleview Softball League, that captain may file a protest with the league officers. A meeting will be held to discuss the captain’s concerns and then the league officers will consult a panel of neutral Captains then make a final decision.


  • All regular season games must be made up prior to the playoffs, unless those remaining games have no effect on the end of season standings.
  • Playoff games will start after the regular season standings are determined:
    • Tiebreaker procedure
    • Head-to-head record
    • Record vs. common opponents, starting from top seed downward.
    • Coin Flip
  • A game called because of rain, darkness, etc., becomes a suspended game and is continued at the exact point it was suspended.
  • The regular season run rule will apply during all playoff games.
  • Eligible playoff competitors are those team's members that have played in 3 of their team’s 11 regular season games.
  • The league will field one umpire in the first two rounds of the playoffs and two umpires for the semi-finals and the finals (depending on availability).
  • For the Championship Round
    • 1st game higher seed is home team
    • 2nd game lower seed
    • 3rd game (if necessary) higher seed is home team.
  • Playoff games will have a time limit to avoid twilight or questionable light from having an effect on the outcome of a game. In the playoffs, a new inning cannot start after 8:15 p.m., unless both team captains and the umpire agree to continue the game. A started inning may be completed past this time.
    In the playoffs, all regular season rules apply.


  • The fields are maintained by Uwchlan Township.  Hankin does take care of reserving the use of these fields for our entire season.
  • The fields do not have to be lined for games.
  • Fields must have foul poles or cones.
  • A mat will be placed behind home plate to establish a strike zone ONLY.  Any legal pitch landing on home plate or the mat is to be considered a strike and anything outside of this area a ball.  This mat is NOT to be played as an extension to home plate for a fielding play or scoring of runs.  Mats are to be standardized. (Mat Dimensions: 25"x17")
  • The umpire will distribute ground rules to the team managers before the game.
  • The distance between bases is set at 65 feet per ASA rules.
  • The distance between home plate and the pitching rubber is 50 feet per ASA rules.
  • Teams are responsible for trash pickup and any damage done to the township property where games are held.
  • Parking is available at both field locations.  All players and spectators park at their own risk and the league will not be responsible to cover any damages to vehicles.


  • The league will be using ASA certified umpires.
  • The umpires have complete control when the game starts.
  • Only the captain and assistant captain may question an umpire’s decision, as well as discuss issues or decisions concerning the game.
  • Umpires must give proper warning before ejecting a player. Both teams and the offending player must be clearly notified of the warning. A warning covers both teams and the next offender will be ejected. The only exception is if a player makes physical contact with the umpire or another player in any circumstance, with intent of injury or not. If this occurs, the player will be immediately suspended for the following game.
  • ASA umpires are paid regardless of completion of the game. For this reason every effort will be made to contact teams by the 4 pm deadline to cancel the games due to weather.


  • All players must be 18 or older
  • An employee is defined as employee of company or husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, fiancé, or life partner of an employee of the company. In addition 2 non-employee players are allowed.
  • A player that has been ejected from a game is automatically suspended for that team's next game. If the same player is ejected a second time during the season, then that player is suspended from the league for one calendar year. The attending captains must report the ejections to the league officers. If a suspended player plays in a game he/she was not supposed to, the game is forfeited and the other team wins.
  • May 15th is the cut-off date to add new players to your rosters
  • To be eligible for the playoffs a player must play in 3 of the teams 11 games.
  • An employee that is on the roster to start the season, but subsequently lay off from the company during the season, may petition the league officers to continue to play for that team through that season. The player will not be allowed to play for that team (or other teams) in any following seasons unless rehired by the company or meets the eligibility of the Eagleview softball league. These players play for that year only will not count against your non-employee total.
  • An employee that changes companies within the park shall continue to play with the original team they played with to start that season. In the following seasons, that player will not be allowed to play with their old team, but instead must play for their new team or provided their new company does not participate in the league, they may petition to play with their old team. If accepted, these players would count against the two non-employee limit.
  • An employee that changes companies outside the park, shall be allowed to continue to play with the original team they played with to start that season. In the following seasons, that player will not be allowed to play with their previous team, or any other team within the park.
  • Participation is at your own risk.  The league will not cover any personal injury of a player or spectator.


  • A team must field eight (8) players for a legal game. Two (2) of the players in the field must be women. A team may play with only one woman, but will only be able to field no more than 9 players in the field. That team will also be subject to an automatic out at the end of their lineup. Should the number of players on a team fall below eight (8) during a game due to injury or any other reason, the game shall be forfeited to the other team.
  • A team may use two (2) "Extra Hitters" (EH) positions in the batting order. Should this player arrive after the game, they will bat last in the order. Definition of Extra Hitter: (1) They are an optional position; (2) If designated from the beginning of the game, the EH becomes a position subject to the same rules noted here in sections 3,4,5; (3) the EH will remain in the same position in the batting order; (4) If eleven or twelve players are used in the line-up, the "EH" players may play the field as long as only ten players are in the field (two being women), but the batting order cannot be changed; (5)"EH" can be substituted for pinch-runners or pinch-hitters, who then become the new "EH." The starting "EH" can re-enter the game, in the same batting position; (6) If a team only has one female player, they are allowed only one (1) "EH".
  • If the ninth through twelfth players arrive after the start of the game, he/she bats at the end of the line-up. If that player's team is in the field, they cannot enter the field or join the game until after that half inning has ended.
  • If a player must leave a game due to injury or any other reason, that players spot becomes an out in the batting order, unless there is a player who can legally substitute in that players batting position.
  • Once during a game a re-entry can be made for each position in the batting order. The player must re-enter into his/her original spot in the batting order, replacing the player currently in the original spot.


  • NO STEALING, NO FAKE TAGS, NO TAKE OUT SLIDING.  All forms of interference and obstruction will not be tolerated for safety reasons.  A runner must either slide or avoid contact if there is a play at that base.  A runner who does not do so will be called out.
  • Interference: The act of an offensive player or team member, which impedes, hinders, or confuses a defensive player attempting to execute a play. The umpire will decide which player will be called out based on which offensive player received the most benefit from the interference. If this interference is an obvious attempt to prevent a double-play, the immediate succeeding runner shall also be called out, along with the offending player.
  • Obstruction: The act of (A) a defensive player of team member which hinders or prevents a batter from striking at or hitting a pitched ball. (B) A fielder, who is not in possession of the ball, in the act fo fielding a batted ball or about to receive a throw, which impedes the progress of a runner or batter-runner. This rule will include an act of blocking the base path to any base. Also, a "fake tag" is considered an act of obstruction. On all obstruction calls, the runner or batter-runner will be declared safe. In addition, if any player is guilty of a "fake tag" obstruction, that player will be ejected from the game, without protest.
  • When a defensive player has the ball and a runner remains on his feet and deliberately crashes into the defensive player, the runner will be declared out. If the act is determined to be flagrant and avoidable by the umpire, the runner shall be ejected.
  • Base runners must remain ON THE BASE until the batter makes contact. If the umpire determines that a player left a base early before contact was made the runner will be called out. A runner can step off the base after the pitched ball hits the ground (Dead-Ball Rule).
  • A team is allowed 2 courtesy runners per game. The courtesy runner shall be the last out recorded by the same sex player. Therefore a female will be a courtesy runner for a female and a male will be a courtesy runner for a male.


  • Pitching Arc Height. The maximum will be 10 feet and the minimum 6 feet.
  • The umpire may call any ball outside of this range an "illegal pitch". An "illegal pitch" is automatically a ball, unless the batter swings, in which case the ball becomes live.
  • Pitchers will have five (5) warm-up pitches in the 1st inning and three (3) in each subsequent inning. Infield practice is allowed, but will end when the pitcher has completed the designated warm-up pitches.


  • Every Batter starts with a 1-1 (one ball, one strike) count.
  • Both men and women shall receive a courtesy foul ball with 2 strikes, a foul ball after that will be an out.
  • When a woman is at bat, one outfielder must step out of play.  The outfielder is of the team’s choice but MUST maintain the minimum of 2 females on the field at all times.  IF a team is only fielding a total of 9 players with one female, they will not need to remove an outfielder.  Possible Scenarios: 1) A team fielding a total of 10 with 2 being female – 1 male player needs to be removed from the outfield. 2) A team fielding 10 with more than 2 females – 1 player male/female needs to be removed from the outfield.  3) A team fielding 9 with only 1 female – no one comes off of the field.  Once the female finishing her at bat and the ensuing play has ended, the outfielder may return to their assigned position.  Outfielders must play in the outfield (in the grass) until contact is made.

  • A women batter may not be thrown out at first base by an outfielder when attempting to reach first base.  After reaching first base, that player becomes a regular base runner, all base running rules apply.

  • Male and female batters will hit a 12 inch low compression softballs.
  • No bunting, slap bunting, or chop hitting.
  • No intentional walks.
  • Each team is allowed 3 over the fence home runs per game. Any over the fence home runs after that will be counted as a single.


  • Games begin at 6:00 p.m. Forfeit will occur at 6:15 p.m. All games must begin at the scheduled time if eight (8) legal players are present. The game can only be delayed if one team has less than eight (8) players, or does not have a women player.
  • Outfielders must stay in the outfield until the batter makes contact with the ball. Outfielders will be designated at the beginning of an inning
  • Run Rule:
    • 20 after 3 completed innings
    • 15 after 4 completed innings
    • 10 after 5 completed innings
  • Weather Delays/Game completions:
    • If a game is halted in the 1st or 2nd inning, the game will be replayed from the beginning.
    • If a game is halted in the 3rd or 4th inning, the game will be replayed from the exact point of stoppage.
    • If the game is halted in the 5th inning or beyond, the game is considered a completed game.